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Capital of Axis

Pereira will surprise you


Pereira, it’s the capital of Risaralda department, known as (otun’s Pearl) “Perla del Otun” because of its principal river the Otun River, and is known as too (City without doors) ” la Ciudad sin Puertas” because of the kindness and good treatment of the Pereira’s People.


Earth worked by Indians Quimbayas, Caucanos, settlers Antioqueños and visionary, that populated the region after its foundation happened on August 30, 1863, leaving in the Town of José Francisco Ramón Vicente Pablo Pereira Martinez the legacy of the work, the hospitality, the strength and the civility.

Hotels and fun

More of 170 hotels, eco hotels, boutique Hotels, rural accommodations, Farms that adorn the Cultural coffee landscape are at the service of owners and visitors.

Useful data

Country: Colombia
Department: Risaralda
Population: 488.839 inhabitants
Climate: 21° in the Urban part Height: 1.411 M.A.S.L (meters above sea level)
Currency: Colombian Peso
Airport: Aeropuerto Internacional Matecaña
Language: Spanish
Coordinates: 04°49” North: 75°42 / West in the western region of the Colombian territory.


North: Dosquebradas, Santa Rosa de Cabal, Marsella.
South: Ulloa (Valle), Filandia y Salento (Quindio). 
East: Tolima Department, Anzoátegui, Santa Isabel, Ibagué, snow area.
West: Cartago, Anserma Nuevo (Valle), Balboa, La Virginia

History facts


Jorge Robledo

August 9, 1540: Jorge Robledo founded the City of Cartago, where Pereira is today.


Villa de Pereira

April 25. 1870: The city known as Cartago Viejo was named officially Villa de Pereira, in Honor to Francisco Pereira Martinez, Independence


The Tranvía

Start the first massive transport system: The Tranvia.


Bolívar Desnudo

Is Inaugurated the 'Bolivar Desnudo' in Bolivar's park, the reason was the city Centenary.



November 15, 1997: Is Inaugurated the 'Viaducto', was named in honor to the 40th president of Colombia and Born in Pereira, Cesar Gaviria.


El Estadio

June 22, 2011: Is inaugurated the restructuring of the stadium 'Hernan Ramirez Villegas'

What to do in Pereira

  • . Bolivar's Park
Bolivar's Park

19-20 street and KRA 7-8.

The park marks the foundation of the city in 1863. Famous for the robust Mango Trees, planted in 1881, the Cathedral and the sculpture of the Bolivar naked.

  • . Lago Uribe Uribe Park
 Lago Uribe Uribe Park

 24-25 street and KRA 7–8

Framed by its pergolas and the Claret church, it was always obligatory ride of the citizenry, around it has always emerged a recreational and bohemian life, with numerous cafes, popular feeders, restaurants, and bars of different musical rhythms.

  • . Libertad Park
Libertad Park

13-14 Street and KRA 7-8

Proposed by the engineer Fletcher at the end of century XIX and aligned with the Bolivar Park and the Lago Park, in its beginnings it had a French design and a retreat (Circular Kiosk), later a small lake. Today it is a populous sector in which one can appreciate the mural-mosaic of Lucy Tejada, an homage to the students.

  • . Bolivar Naked
Bolivar Naked

19-20 street and KRA 7-8

Before arriving at Pereira, the emblematic monument of master Rodrigo Arenas Betancourt, located in the main of the central city park took a long journey: it was melted in the city of Axota (Mexico), traveled by ship, there took the train to arrive on 16 May to the train station of the park Olaya Herrera.

  • . Cathedral ' Nuestra señora de la pobreza'
Cathedral " Nuestra señora de la pobreza"

20 Street KRA 7

The current cathedral is born with the foundation of the city in 1863 but it is only toward 1900 that takes on the appearance of “bahareque enlatonado”, however, with the works of reconstruction after the last earthquake of 1999 were discovered important archaeological vestiges Under the building they give account of old Carthage.

  • . Mural 'La siembra y el maíz'
Mural "La siembra
y el maíz"

19 Street Between 7-8

Work of the artist Pereirano Hernando Tejada in mosaic technique. It represents a woman and a man of the field. It exalts the sowing of the corn, American food par excellence and base of the local gastronomy.

  • . Mural ' El Campesino y la Seguridad social'
Mural " El Campesino y
la Seguridad social"

20 Street KRA 7

Mutilated with the last reform of the building of the old Social security after the earthquake of 1999; And that it would take new life with the arrival of another specialized clinic. Anyway, a mural that preserves the speeches of the public institutions ‘ deed of the middle of the last century.

  • . City Council
City Council and Luis
Carlos Gonzalez's House

KRA 6 – 21-22 street

This building consists in couple of two beautiful houses. One of the master Jorge Roa Martínez, founder of the Technological University of Pereira and the second, the house of colonization “antioqueña” where lived the writer Luis Carlos González.

  • . Bank of the Republic
Bank of the Republic

17 Street KRA 8

Strategically located, the Bank of the Republic through its Cultural agency permanently contributes to the generation of knowledge and headquarters of important events of a scientific, educational and artistic character.

  • . Rents Palace
Rents Palace

17 Street KRA 8

This building dating back to 1927, is the example par excellence when it comes to displaying the republican period national of European influence. The Good of National Cultural Interest is kept in excellent condition thanks to restoration work in the ’90s.

  • . Negro Mejia's Sculptures
Negro Mejia's Sculptures 

17 Street KRA 8

Jaime Mejía Jaramillo left a legacy of sculptural works and deeply allegorical in various sites of Pereira, among them: ” En Busca de la Luz ” Located in the “Diario del Otún” Building. ” Gracias a la Vida” Bronze sculpture that in 1993 adorned the clinic Risaralda and ” la vendedora de Mangos” That in 1991 was placed in KRA 7 between Streets 21 and 22.

  • . Victoria City
Victoria City: renovated city center

KRA 10–12 and 16 -17 Street

After the earthquake of 1999 this area known as the Old Gallery, was the subject of the most ambitious urban renovation plan that Pereira has had, today, is one of its new and emblematic centers, has a linear park and is host to number s civic events and festivities.

  • . Olaya Herrera Park
Olaya Herrera Park

Lung for the culture and the rest.

This park of the years 30, was the hall of receipt of all those who came to the city by train, its design republican, corresponds to the imaginary of the European City of the end of century XIX, generous in ornato, urban furniture for life public social, sculptures, gardens and trees.

  • . Santiago Londoño Londoño Theater
Santiago Londoño Londoño Theater

17 Street KRA 8.

Since its construction in 1990, it has positioned itself as one of the best cultural centers in the west of Colombia, its advanced technical conditioning and it is excellent architectural and acoustic design, takes its name in honor of one of the principal managers and Risaraldense culture promoters, Dr. Santiago Londoño Londoño (1927-1982).

  • . Tango around Lago Park
Tango around Lago Park

The Tranvia, La Milonguita, Kra 7 / 24-25 street

Traditionally, KRA 7 and 25 street was considered the area  “arrabalera” and bohemia of the capital Risaraldense, there are still two sites that stand out for its environment and its decoration faithful to the worship of  the Tango.

  • . Traditional bars
The "Pavo", The Classic Corner, and traditional bars

22 Street KRA 5 – KRA 2/ 21 Street

Countless generations have talked delightfully under the chords of the music typical of the region in two iconic establishments.  One, the Pavo, located in 23 Street with 5 corner, attended by the renowned “Hugo” the second, the Corner Classic, 22 Street and KRA 2 where every night relives the vinyl and the needle in them.

  • . Cultural center Lucy Tejada
Cultural center Lucy Tejada

17 Street KRA 9

It is defined as the administrative center of the culture of the city, where also take place cultural events, and spaces of formation for public of all the ages, it houses the hall of citizenship, a theatre, auditorium, concert halls, is home to the radio station Cultural de Pereira and the Municipal Public Library.

  • . Art Museum
Art Museum

Av. de las Américas #19-88

It is provided with four rooms for exhibitions, a room of audio-visual and a theater of movies that can accommodate up to 300 persons. There also there works a library, a room of conservation of the patrimony, a record library and a sound library.