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Otun River Corridor

To the meeting with the nature

Otun River Corridor

Parque Lineal del Río Otún –San José - La Bananera - La Florida - La Suiza - Reserva Otún Quimbaya - El Cedral - Parque Regional Ucumarí - La Pastora – El Bosque – Laguna del Otún – Laguna Verde – Nevado de Santa Isabel

  • . The Florida
The Florida

To 25 minutes of Pereira, is the point that congregate farmers and tourist from the Basin of the Otun River, can be reached in the traditional Chiva and is favorite route of the cycle climbers; dominated the various offers of cultural, gastronomic and cultural offerings: the exhibitions in the basin, Cinema Club Florida, the Festival of the Magic Mountain, the “Festival del Gallo Ornamental” and the encounter Sings-Gallo of music parrandera popular, are some of the most representative.

  • . Aves en su paraíso
The Suiza - Otun Quimbaya Park

In Otun Quimbaya Park, 4 km from Florida, surrounded by spectacled bears, tigrillos and more than 300 species of birds, the visitor center of the Otún Quimbaya Fauna and Flora Sanctuary, one of the 58 protected areas of natural national parks, which has an excellent endowment for the accommodation of 90 people and interpreters environmental guided through different paths. Through these, you can see different species representative of the Andean humid rainforest

  • . Laguna del Otún - Cesar Ángel
A route to the "Laguna del Otun" and "Los Nevados"

The Cedral is the beginning of the road that leads to the Laguna of the Otun passing through La Pastoral the road continues by the sector Peña Bonita and the Vereda El Bosque, along the scenes of impressive beauty that pass of the mysterious forests of fog up to the paramo, covered frailejones, there you can see the snowy Santa Isabel, Tolima and Ruiz and the beautiful Laguna of the Otun, at 3,950 M.A.S.L. In the sector, it is possible to camp and makes fishing.