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Experiences to live

The heart of the axis

  • . 'Pava Caucana'

Fauna and Flora Sanctuary

Otun river corridor

The River Otún is the forest of the pereiranos, where are located the Sanctuary of Fauna and Flora “Otún Quimbaya” and the Regional Natural Park Ucumarí with the visitors center “La Pastora”. In these paradises you will discover that there are miracles, when in the midst of the mist forest you will be surprised by the giant of the birds of the area, the “Pava Caucana”, a species that was believed extinct. You will learn about the fragility of these ecosystems and to keep while you take delight freshening up in beautiful waterfalls.

  • . Cosecha’s Party

Cosecha’s Party

In the Cosecha’s Party which take place every year in Pereira, in August, commemorates the founding of the city. The schedule includes a handcraft fair and sport championships, as well as an exposition equine and another of orchids. Are the holding of the National Festival of Popular Music “hay tusa” (wrong love), there is “despecho”It is the celebration more expected in the city, where it gives the opportunity to mention the importance of the coffee culture, in addition to revive the traditions, civility, art, the union and the culture.

  • . Coffee Tours

Coffee tours

This is the land of the best soft coffee in the world. Here you will find the drink that stimulates the senses of millions of people in the world. Discover the best kept secrets in the Colombian coffee in the company of the producer, walking the trails of the estate to know the process of production, the seed to the cup.

  • . Cathedral - Holly Week

Holly Week

Discover one of the cultural events about major rooting between the Pereiranos, since he has stood out for years like one of the most beautiful and most solemn of the whole country.

  • . Shopping centers

Pereira’s shopping

This city is the heart of the coffee region of Colombia. As a crossroads leading to different regions of the country, it has positioned itself as an important commercial and industrial axis. Here you will find the most complete shopping centers, exclusive shops and everything you need for your purchases.

  • . Altagracia’s view point

Altagracia’s view point

Being in the western central Andes of Colombia is to feel the privilege of enjoying landscapes that look like postcards, where the sun, either at sunrise or at dusk, always provides a colorful spectacle, which can live and enjoy from the imposing viewpoint of Altagracia, with an overview of 360°.

  • . Night activities

Tertulia and fun

Pereira offers big activities variety for the night entertainment, gastronomy and fun Between the Lago Uribe Uribe and the Bolivar park will find diverse coffees, restaurants and places for the tertulia, which will give you the possibility of a healthy, safe and varied nightlife.

In the center you can also get reminders of the city in handcraft stalls or in renowned places such as The “Lucerna” Patisserie, which offers its famous “turrones”, known worldwide.

  • . Hernán Ramírez Villegas

Sports and recreation

Pereira offers diverse sports facilities, with the Olympic Villa like epicenter, where the visitors will be able to appreciate the stadium “Hernán Ramírez Villegas”, Considered one of the most beautiful and functional in the country; The “Alfonso Hurtado Sarria Velodrome”, a complex of tennis courts, a coliseum of combat, synthetic football fields, Olympic pools, skate park and extensive hard areas for everyday sports such as microfootball and volleyball, and the practice of activity Musicalized Physics.

The city also has two other coliseums in the center of the city to the practice of basketball, volleyball and contact sports; universities and the private company will also offer multiple options to courts synthetic, tennis and swimming pools.