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Cerritos // Thematic park

Spaces for the Family

  • . Animals Collection

Biopark Ukumarí

Km 11  Pereira – Cerritos

More than 44 hectares make up the largest recreational megaproject in the region: A collection of animals, several classrooms for environmental study, a botanical garden with 74 thousand plants, the most modern veterinary clinic of South America and an anthropological museum; 254 species of animals, 204 plants, conservation, education, research and recreation are the pillars of this huge thematic park where you can live a real experience of closeness with the fauna and flora, as well as the culture of the five continents.

This beautiful place is considered one of the most important bioparks in America.

  • . Consotá Park

Consotá Park

Km 10 Cerritos way –  Galicia

Previously called Comfamiliar Galicia, Has consolidated itself as one of the best sporting and recreational opportunities in the region, has numerous services and attractions, including slides and wave pools, lodging in cabins and guest house, lakes of fishing and canoeing, farm of Noah, auditoriums for business events and academics, sports venues and variety of restaurants.Similarly, since the 2012 account with the Memory Park indigenous, the Replica of Pereira Antigua and accommodation in Huts colonial style, skating track Professional, 2 km far from the Trail Biosaludable with 4 stations of gyms outdoors, and Colosseum Roman type with a capacity of 3500 people for the development of mass events.

Cerritos´s gastronomic

In the sector of Galicia, the visitor finds a wide range of typical food restaurants, especially the 'arepas de Chócolo', baked in the mud tropical fruits justify the first stop on the way. The township of Cerritos is one of the most likely areas to be toured by bike for fresh and safe urban and rural routes.

  • . 'Arepa de Chócolo'